July 18, 2024

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Form Factor
IP Core

High Pin Count QSH Carrier
Virtex-5 Processing PCIe Card

The NKS-V5-PCIe-A is a QSH industrial carrier card based on the Xilinx Virtex-5 SX95T FPGA family and plugged into a serial PCIe bus system unit supporting 1x, 4x and 8x PCIe datapaths. This board also provides a developed platform for designing and verifying Virtex-5 FPGA based PCIe and Stand-Alone applications. SATA II interface is suitable for high performance digital IF sampling. Communication with a host computer via the PCIe bus and other interfaces enables users to control the card, modify algorithm settings and process real-time signals. Additionally, this card can transfer high bandwidth data through QSH/QTH standard modules.



• Virtex XC5VSX95T-1FFG1136 Xilinx Device

• PCI Express x8 Edge Connector

• Enhanced 10/100 Ethernet Full Stack Interface with RJ-45

Magnetics Connector

• 1 Gb SDRAM Component Memory (up to 167MHZ)

• QSH Connector for ADC/DAC QTH Modules Connect to FPGA

• Xilinx LOGICORETM IP Supported PCI Express Endpoint Designs in

X1, X4, and X8 Configurations

• Device Configuration Through On-board Platform Flash (8 MB)

• Download Using Xilinx Platform Cable USB (JTAG Programming


• 1 Serial ATA Disk Drive Interface Connector

• Enhanced High Speed USB 2.0 Interface

• User Push-button, Switches, 16xLEDs, 20xGPIO Header, JTAG

and Trace Debug Ports

• Clocking (PCIe, SATA, and Two On-board Clock Sources)

• 12V PCIe HDD Connector or External Voltage Supply

• Physical Dimensions (L: 220.2 mm, W: 120.7 mm)

• Industrial Temperature Range (-40°C to 85°C)

• Operation System Support: Windows & Linux


Block Diagram


- Parallel Processing Applications

- High-Bandwidth Data Transfer

- High Performance Data Acquisition

- Communications

Compatibility Table


NIKSOO Platform Compatibility
QTH-NKS-02 Yes
QTH-NKS-02-A Yes
QTH-NKS-03 Yes
QTH-NKS-07 Yes
QTH-NKS-10 Yes
QTH-NKS-11 Yes
QTH-NKS-12 Yes
QTH-NKS-11-A Yes


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