July 18, 2024

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Form Factor
IP Core

Stand-Alone Board
Virtex-6 & DSP High Performance Processing Platform
8- Channel 16-bit ADC 125MSPS
4- Channel 16-bit DAC 1GSPS

The NKS-V016-B processing board is a high performance industrial single card dedicated to high performance data acquisition and communications based on the Xilinx Virtex-6 SX315T FPGA family. The NKS-V016-B board enables designers to prototype high-performance digital transceivers. The board includes a DSP Processor (TMS320C6678) which incorporating the new and innovative C66x DSP core, this device can run at a core speed of up to 1.25 GHz. Additionally four D/A channels 16 bit resolution at maximum rate of 1GSPS per channel and eight A/D channels 16 bit resolution at maximum rate of 125 MSPS per channel are available. The sample clock can be supplied from PLL clock distributer, externally through a coax connection or supplied by an internal clock source.


• 8 Channels, 16 bit, 125MSPS
• Differential Analog Input with 650MHz Bandwidth
• Analog Input Filter Options
• SNR = 75 dBFS @ 20 MHz and 125 MSPS
• SFDR > 80 dBc @ 20 MHz and 125 MSPS
• ENOB = 12.4 Bits @ 20 MHz and 125 MSPS
• Xtalk Isolation > 95dB
• Low Power: 750 mW @ 125 MSPS
• High Performance AC-Coupled Analog Input With 2 Channel AC/DC Coupled Switching Capability
• 1.8 V Analog Supply Operation
• 1.8 V CMOS or LVDS Output Supply
• Flexible Analog Input Range: 1V p-p to 2V p-p
• Pin Compatible with AD9650


• 4 Channels, 16-Bit, 1GSPS Update Rate
• Analog Output with 500MHz Bandwidth
• Analog Output Filter Options
• Phase Noise > 100dBc @ 1kHz and 1GSPS
• Interleaved I/Q data for Dual-DAC Mode
• 2x-32x Clock Multiplying PLL/VCO
• 2x or 4x Interpolation Filters
• High Performance AC-Coupled Analog Output with 2 Channel AC/DC Coupled Switching Capability


• Virtex XC6VSX315T-1FFG1759I Xilinx Device
• Digital Signal Processing (DSP) TMS320C6678 TI Device
• ARM Microcontroller AT91SAM7X256 Atmel Device
• 4 Gb DDR3 Component Memory (Two [256 Mb x 8] Devices)
• 144 Mb @ 167MHz SRAM Component Memory (Two [4Mb x 18] Devices)
• Flexible PLL Clock Tree Enables (Internal Clock, External Clock, Internal Clock with External Reference)
• Ethernet PHY 10/100/1000 Interface with RJ-45 Connector for FPGA and DSP
• Multi-boot Configuration
• 20x RS422, 5x RS485, 24x GPIO and 1x CAN BUS Serial Interfaces
• Status and Debug LEDs
• Power on/off Slide Switch
• Physical Dimensions (L: 249.9 mm, W: 233.2 mm)
• Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C (Industrial)
• 12V External Voltage Supply
• Operation System Support: Windows & Linux

Block Diagram


- Communications

- Diversity radio systems

- Multimode digital receivers (3G)


- General-purpose software radios

- Broadband data applications

- I/Q demodulation systems

- Fire Control and Defense Systems

- Smart antenna systems


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